Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's in Mary Lee's Notebook?

What fun to find a peek inside of a friend's notebook.  Head on over to A Year of Reading to see Mary Lee's huuuge tomato!  You will also find a wonderful poem about notebooks and journals by William Stafford.

There is nothing like a peek into another's notebook.  What do you have in yours?

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  1. It's a wonderful post, I agree, Amy. Can't wait to see that new poetry book you're working on. I love those little books!

  2. Loved that peek into Mary Lee's notebook - my notebook has ramblings about the storm, one from our dog's perspective, which may become a poem or a picture book someday.

  3. The best thing about my writer's notebooks is rediscovering myself and my stories again. There is always something workable, hiding, biding it's time and waiting.
    My greatest joy is reading the notebooks of my students every two weeks. Last week was the final round. One of them said to me, "Oh no, Mrs. Mach, you're not going to read my notebook anymore! Can I send it to you over the summer on google drive?"
    Of course I said, "Yes!"
    A writer's notebook is a constant discovery and it a joy to share.
    Thank-you for posting these pieces. They will be a source of inspiration for me and my students next year!


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