Saturday, February 13, 2016

Winners! Winners! New and Old!

Congratulations to Ingrid M.!  You have won the three book Melissa Stewart Collection!  Please send me an e-mail to amy at amylv dot com with your address, and I will pass it along.

Much gratitude to Melissa Stewart for her fantastic notebooks post and to National Geographic for their book donation.

We also have winners from our two past giveaways, none of which have yet claimed their prizes!  I will put this out there for a week, and if no on replies by Monday, February 22, I will draw new winners.

Congratulations to Cheri Hall and Kristi Veitenheimer, winners of books by author and illustrator Peter Catalanotto! Cheri has won MONKEY AND ROBOT and Kristi has won THE NEWBIES.  Winners, please write to me at amy at amylv dot com with your snail mail addresses and the names to which you would like your books inscribed, and I will send the information along to Peter.

Congratulations to the winners Tanny McGregor's books! Jennifer has won a copy of COMPREHENSION CONNECTIONS, and Gretchen Egner has won a copy of GENRE CONNECTIONS.  Winners, please write to me at amy at amylv dot com with your snail mail addresses, and I will send them along to Tanny.

Thank you for reading Sharing Our Notebooks...



  1. Yeah! I'm so excited to win! Thanks, Amy. I'll send my info!

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