Thursday, April 19, 2018

Announcing - A Blog Takeover!

I could not be happier to announce something new!

Beginning May 1, 2018, the sixth grade writers in Michelle Haseltine's sixth grade English classes of Brambleton Middle School in Loundon County, Virginia, will take over this space at Sharing Our Notebooks.

As I have been writing lots of poetry and visiting many schools lately, I have not been spending time here at Sharing Our Notebooks.  But I love Sharing Our Notebooks and so wish to keep it alive. "How can I do this?" I wondered.  "Who knows a lot about notebooks? Who could help me reinvigorate this space?"

I knew right away.  So right away, I wrote a letter to Michelle Haseltine and to her students.
My Letter to Michelle Haseltine's Sixth Graders

And happy day!  These young writers said yes! So now, all of us have a beautiful notebooking month to of May to anticipate.  We will be treated to notebook pages, book suggestions, tips for notebooking, and process stories.  These writers will give us a sneak peek into their notebooks, their minds, and we will come away understanding their thinking as well as understanding more ways to deepen our own lives through notebooking.

Here is a Twitter announcement from Arshia!

Twitter Announcement
Photo by Michelle Haseltine

To celebrate this fun, I will offer a giveaway each Tuesday of May. Students will choose these giveaway notebooks or books, and you will have a chance to win by commenting on Tuesday posts.  More about this to come.

Here is the plan for May - look at all of these notebookers!  I am superexcited!

The Plan for May
Photo by Michelle Haseltine

If you have questions or hopes for this series, stay tuned as we will be soon setting up a way for you to make requests of these young notebookers.  Though I know they are ready to go, it is always good to know what interests an audience.

Planning, Planning
Photo by Michelle Haseltine

Welcome to classes 3/4A and 5/6A.  We cannot wait to learn from you!


Please know that Sharing Our Notebooks welcomes all kinds of notebook keepers - of any age and interest - to open up their pages and share their process. If you are interested in writing in this space come June, please contact me, Amy, directly.  I welcome you!

Please share a comment below if you wish.


  1. How wonderful that this will happen, Amy, Michelle and Michelle's students! I'm looking forward to your posts and all the wonderful notebook sharing!

  2. This rocks! I'm looking forward to the adventure!! :-)


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