Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lists! Lists! Lists!

Hello world! We are just about halfway done with the blog takeover but you haven’t seen anything yet. You are going to see a lot more 6th grade notebooks that will fascinate you. Today you will look at my notebook. In my notebook I like do lists about anything. I like sports and sometimes make lists about that such as the one below.

Back to listing in your notebook, it is probably one of the most easiest things to do in your notebook. You just need to follow these simple steps:
1: Think of anything at all (It can be as silly or serious as you want)
2: Write things that come to your mind about that subject
3: You can go as long or as short as you want and then switch to a different subject

What I Think About Notebooks
I think notebooking has improved me as a writer. Ms.Haseltine does things differently. All my other teachers had different methods of making me a better writer but I felt forced to write what they wanted me to write about. Ms.Haseltine gave us each a notebook with a poem inside of it that said that we could write about whatever we wanted. I thought to myself that I was finally free to write things that aren’t even actual stories such as lists. My notebook is a way to free yourself from the real world and dive into a world that you create. I think notebooks are perfect for everyone and especially writers to write whatever they want.

A Little Bit About Me.
My name is Satvik and I really enjoy sports. I play basketball and do track. In my notebook I like to do lists about anything I can think of. My blog name is “The Baller Blog”. I usually post about sports and my favorite teams. I try to stay updated on the sports action and post to the people that read my posts. I enjoy helping people and comment on other people’s blogs often. I like to play video games and hang out with my friends. You can access my blog by clicking on this link The Baller Blog.

Please know that Sharing Our Notebooks welcomes all kinds of notebook keepers - of any age and interest - to open up their pages and share their process. If you are interested in writing in this space, please contact me, Amy, directly.  I welcome you!

Please share a comment below if you wish.


  1. I like lists because ...
    1. they organize my thinking
    2. they remind me of what I need to do
    3. a list becomes like a portable libary
    4. they are visually appealing (particularly if you doodle in the margins)

    Thanks for the great post!

    Kevin Hodgson
    Sixth Grade Teacher
    Western Massachusetts

  2. Satvik, These words mean so much to me. THANK YOU! I love how passionate you are about your notebook, on your blog, here...everywhere. You are a writer! Thank you!

  3. Satvik - Thank you so much for posting here at Sharing Our Notebooks today. It has been an absolute honor to have your class taking over this space, and you are right - everyone's notebooks and ideas are fascinating. I, too, find that listing is a great technique to get me going. Sometimes I just list over and over with the phrase "I remember..." Suddenly, I am back in time recalling all kinds of things I had not thought of in ages. You are wise to recognize the different ways that teachers have helped you as a writer. Don't forget the ways that Ms. Haseltine has helped you find your voice as throughout your life as regardless of your profession, you will be able to help others listen to themselves too. You did so today here! Thank you again! xx

  4. Every time you start those lists, your mind gathers information, about the topic, and how you want to write about it. That helps all writing, and may be a big push to write something else. I like reading about your list practice, wonder if any of those lists have turned into a poem? Thanks for sharing your ideas, terrific post!


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