Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Notebook Poetry

Hello, My name is Faith! In my notebook, I love writing poetry. I usually just think of random things that interest me and write a poem about it! Here’s one of my favorites:


Pens, pens
Wonderful pens.

You can draw lions-
Even their dens.

They can be

They can be

They can be

But they can also be

You can draw roosters,
You can draw hens

Pens, pens
Wonderful pens.

I hope you liked it! I always write poems that rhyme. It is so much easier for me than free verse. I am always stumped on what to write about, but when I am stumped I just look around the room or think of things that I like. In my notebook, I like making a list of the ideas that I would want to use one day if I am REALLY stumped. One day I had no idea what to write about, and I looked out the window and it was raining! I then created this poem:

Rain, rain
Please go away.

Think of all the events that you delay.

You delay swim meets, baseball games, and cross country, too.

Rain, rain
I’m sorry, but no one likes you.

I’ve also written a poem about sunshine!


Bright as honey, warm and sunny
The sun shines down on a bunny.

It’s super yellow, like mac ‘n cheese
It makes people happy, especially me!

It smiles down it’s toothy grin
People frolic and dance and spin
The air is warm, and smiles are big
It makes me want to dance a jig!

It’s super fun to play outside
And all the rain on the ground is dried

But when the clouds come rolling in,
I’ll wait for sunshine to come again.

When I’m rhyming, I go through the alphabet and say each word with the letters of the alphabet. I like writing down the alphabet in my notebook, then go through each letter of the it and write down each possible combination for the word I am trying to rhyme with. It looks like this:
Then, I underline (or highlight) The real words or the words that could relate with the poem. Here it is:

Lastly, I love using pens! No matter if it is my rough rough draft or my final final draft, I always love to use pens. In the pages of my notebook, I like to make them as colorful and as lively as possible. Having a ‘testing page’ for pens is awesome because I can test out pens that I’m curious about. I like doing this especially if I get new pens! Here’s another example:

I hope you learned some notebooking tips that incorporate poetry! If you want some more of Faith, follow my blog at Sharpies, Pens, And Everything Else! Thank you for reading!


My name is Faith! I love writing poetry, playing softball, and doing calligraphy(I would also say I’m pretty good at it). I also love spending time with my family and playing with my guinea pig, Thor. Check out my blog at Sharpies, Pens, And Everything Else!
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  1. I love your notebook poems, and your lists, and your tips about pens...ALL of it! What a fun and helpful post, Faith! Thank you for sharing! Keep writing!!!

  2. Ahh, pens,
    such wonderful
    pens ...
    remind me
    again, of what
    I meant to say
    when I arrived
    at the end?
    How can I erase
    the day away
    if, instead of pencil,
    I almost always
    seem to use

    -- a riff off your poem, Faith, and I loved how you walked us through your poetry writing strategies.

    -- Mr. Hodgson
    Sixth Grade Teacher
    Western Massachusetts

  3. Faith, you are adorable! Did you know that you created your own Rhyming Dictionary? I think that's very, very smart. I love your technique and that you blog. Keep writing!!

    Jan Hamilton
    8th grade teacher
    Hot Spribgs, Arkansas

  4. Faith! This poem delights me to no end! I, too, use this alphabet strategy, and it helps me to write poems that rhyme AND (key) make sense. Keeping a test page and ideas for those unsure days...so clever. I adored reading this post and am very grateful for your sharing. Happy summer writing too. May your days be filled with ink! Peace. xx

  5. You ROCK, Faith! I love your poems! I do the same exact thing with the alphabet, too. Hehee! Also, rather than pens, I'm in love with Sharpies! Love them...can't get enough! Keep up the great work. You are on a roll, girl! Woohoo!


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