Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Rainy Day Writing

You guys should totally make poems in your notebook. It is super fun, I love making poems in my notebook and on my blog. A bunch of my poems, maybe even all of them, are on my blog (the link is in my bio).

I wrote this poem on a rainy day and Ms.Haseltine had an attendance question. It was Rainy Days Are… and I just knew I had to do something on this and that is why I wrote this poem!


It’s rainy and grey and all ugly outside.
Sports are cancelled and I have to stay inside.
The news said it was going to be sunny,but I guess they lied.
I don’t want to set soccer aside.
I could have cried.
Me and soccer will have to divide.
We used to stand side by side.
But stupid rain just got in the way.
The rain just ruined my day.
But I guess it’s okay…
It is Monday those Monday blues more like greys.
Today is not a happy day.

Hello! My name is Georgia, I play soccer and love hanging out with friends! I have 2 brothers and 1 sister and a cat! I always go to the town center with my friends for fun! My blog is … A little dream

Please know that Sharing Our Notebooks welcomes all kinds of notebook keepers - of any age and interest - to open up their pages and share their process. If you are interested in writing in this space, please contact me, Amy, directly.  I welcome you!

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  1. Georgia - Oh, rainy days! Sometimes I do not like them....and sometimes I love the way they let me stay all cozy inside with a book or with my notebook. I love the sound of rain, especially on a camper or tent roof. As for writing poems in a notebook, I could not agree more. There is something about all of those pages and the total freedom. It is bliss! Thank you so much for posting here today. Here's to lots of rain-free soccer days for you! xxx

  2. I am looking out my window right now, watching the rain fall. It is exactly as you described in your poem. Notebooks are a wonderful place to play when we can’t play outside. (Plus there are no rules in our notebooks!)

    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Laffin

  3. I love this poem! I love how it came to be a poem. I remember the day you wrote it and how excited you were. What a beautiful post, Georgia! Thank you!

  4. How great that you were listening, really hearing that attendance line "Rainy Days are" and crafted a poem from it, just right to remember that "not blue, but gray" Monday. Hope this inspires others to write those poems!

  5. Hi Georgia, I love that you write poems in your notebook, at least when it is rainy you get to have fun doing that. My favorite line in this poem is "those Monday blues more like Monday greys." Sometimes that is just how Monday feels, especially on rainy days! Even though I am sad that it is difficult to play outside in the rain I like that sometimes I can stay all cozy and dry inside and do something like reading or drawing. Last night there was a thunderstorm where I live so I stayed in my room and watercolored some pictures and listened to music. It was so lovely!


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