Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Risks Make Better Writers

In the beginning of the year we weren’t good at writing poems but now as we progressed through the year, we have gotten better. We started out in the beginning of the year with our first notebook from Ms. Haseltine. While the year went on we took risks to become better writers. We didn’t just  take risks but we tried our hardest to write different types of writings so we could get better at it. Overall, I think we learned a lot about writing in our notebooks. What kind of risks will you take in the pages of your notebook?

We figured out the idea of writing this poem because we were hungry and were thinking of restaurants we would like to eat. It also inspired us because we love poetry and the makes us feel calm. Even though it takes a lot of effort to write a poem, it makes us feel good to see the end results.

Rithika: Chipotle is my favorite that we both like to eat.
Arya: Chipotle is a salad with a lot of tasty treats..
Rithika: Subway has a sandwich and has lots of tasty chip.
Arya: Chipotle is nice and fresh to eat
Rithika: they both have many seats to enjoy and eat
Arya: Chipotle and subway it will make you mad if you don't like any it will be so sad
Rithika: subway has a spicy twist but…

Together: We like Chipotle the most.

Hi my name is Arya I am a sixth grader in Brambleton Middle School. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite animals are ponies and puppies. My hobby is to draw and color. My favorite sport is gymnastics.  My favorite game to play is tag. I have a brother who is younger than me. I also have my mom and dad. These are a few things about me. If you want to learn more visit my blog, #Amazeblogs!

Hi my name is Rithika and I am a 6th grader in Brambleton Middle School. I love the sports basketball and soccer. I love animals and my favorite animal is a dolphin. My favorite food is pizza. I love to write, read, color, and draw. I love the subjects math, English, and science.  My favorite color is lavender purple. I have an older brother in college. Above all I love to spend time with my family. These are a few things about me. If you want to learn more visit my blog, #Rithika’s Basketball Blog

Please know that Sharing Our Notebooks welcomes all kinds of notebook keepers - of any age and interest - to open up their pages and share their process.  At the present time, I am accepting all notebook entries and am especially hoping to receive some entries from boys and men who keep any kind of notebooks.  If you are interested in writing in this space, please contact me, Amy, directly.  I welcome you!

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  1. I've watched you grow as writers this year. I'm so proud of you!! Way to go!

  2. No one has ever asked me what kind of risks I am taking inside of my notebook. What a daring and delightful thing to ponder. There is no better place to take risks as a writer, since no one needs to see what we're trying unless we choose to share! I'm so excited to see you blogging in Amy's space. I'll be following along.

  3. Yes, writing is all about risk taking! I think that's why I love it so much! Thank you for reminding me about always taking risks in my writing. And P.S. I (heart) Chipotle!

  4. I love, love, love this poem from two voices. What a fun way to work together and develop a piece of writing! I also appreciate this question "What kind of risks will you take in the pages of your notebook?" Everyone should take risks with their writing! BE BRAVE!

  5. Now I'm hungry for lunch. Nice job! :)

  6. Arya and Rithika, thank you for sharing your poem! I love that you wrote it in 2 voices! I also love what you wrote about taking risks! That is what writing is all about! Finding the courage to put your words out there! Keep writing!

  7. Taking risks as writers -- such an important topic! The notebook is the perfect place to practice taking these risks. When you do it enough, these risky writings change from being risks to being your regular practice -- and then you have grown as a writer. Keep up the notebooking, girls! I can tell you are on your way to writing greatness!

  8. I love the two voice poem! What a great example for students to see and use as a mentor text.

  9. Ladies -- Your poem made me super hungry! I love that you did it together. I am taking lots of risks with my own notebook, too -- jotting down ideas, not worrying about how it looks, if there are mistakes, or where I might go with something. Some thoughts and ideas I might not ever use, but I won't know unless I write them down and revisit them. Great job!

  10. Sometimes I play too safe in my notebook. I like that you are really challenging us to take risks. This poem of yours reminds me of a poem I wrote several years ago called a Lullaby Weave. In case you want to try it, I ended up posting mine on my blog

    You take song lyrics from a favorite song and then write your poem between the lines. It was really fun to try...

  11. Thank you, Arya and Rithika, for this wise advice. You have me thinking about the different ways that my notebooking habit has helped me to take risks. Sometimes, just knowing that I am writing only for me allows me to try new things without being afraid. Your two voice poem has me hungry too! If you have never made a VoiceThread online (check out the site), you might have fun trying this with your poem. It is a great way to publish two voice poetry with images too. Thank you for being a blog takeoverer! xx

  12. Hi Ayra and Rithika,
    Your piece for two voices made me want to hear you reading your words. And writing about food, and reading about food, is always good. Way to be risky writers!

    Mr. Hodgson
    Sixth Grade teacher
    Southampton, Massachusetts


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