Friday, May 25, 2018


Well hello, there dear mystic dreamer. As you know, our class is taking over the Sharing Our Notebooks blog and I’m here to share a story idea that has some magic and fantasy to lighten up your day. So, just a little while ago, I had thought of a new story and now I want to share my idea with you! I have temporarily named my story Sight. Here’s a small preview of the story. Enjoy!

It was this moment, the moment when Crysta knew that her life would be changed, forever…

It was six days before the end of summer break, and Crysta, a young middle school girl had just moved to Evermist Creek, the strangest town that she had ever seen in her entire life! Especially the first day at Crysta’s middle school, the day she discovered her special power, her sight. Soon after, she meets a group of friends just like her. Turns out they have been waiting for her this whole time to tell her about a man called Nightmare, who is trying to capture this magnificent power for himself to use against the humans of Earth. To save her planet, Crysta must hide and use her powers along with her friends to save her people and the world, but with all the dangerous encounters, the group knew that this quest wasn’t going to be easy. Will they be successful and live in peace for eternity? Or will this be the world’s end?

Hi! I’m Mystic. I come from the world of my imagination! I have my own school blog called Journey of The Fantasy Writer!

Thank you again to these writers from Michelle Haseltine's sixth-grade classes, for taking over Sharing Our Notebooks this month.  What a delight! Please check in each Saturday morning in May to see who wins each week's notebook giveaway!

Please know that Sharing Our Notebooks welcomes all kinds of notebook keepers - of any age and interest - to open up their pages and share their process.  If you are interested in writing in this space, please contact me, Amy, directly.  I welcome you!

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  1. I hope they live in peace for eternity! You really are fabulous at coming up with names, and I wish I could keep reaading here. Thank you tons for posting and for sharing this peek into another world. Happy writing. Summer days are made for fantasy writing! Peace. xx

    And I'm not really a fan of "fantasy" stories, but I'm captivated by this opening . . . the names and the way you have set it up! I hope you share more! (SOON!)


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