Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Three Amigos


Welcome to May, everyone! If you have been paying attention to Twitter and other sources of social media, Ms. Haseltine's sixth-graders are taking part in the blog takeover! The students for May first are Henry, (THE BLOG OF ALL BLOGS) Derpus, (The Silly Sanctuary) and Corney. (THE AWESOME TURTLE KID) Here are the three perspectives of notebook writing...

Just to kick this thing off, I am Corney and you can find my blog as “The Awesome Turtle Kid” in the link above! At the beginning of the year I thought; writing= Yuck, worst thing in the world, I would rather die (Not Literally) than write, and that I would never like this at all. Now that we are 3 quarters into the school year and after my notebook I actually have ideas coming to me and I even have a full going/ended story That is about seven pages! You think 7 pages would not be a lot, but at first, I thought that I would never in my life write more than 5 pages for something. So writing 7 pages is quite an achievement. Also, DON’T GET THE IDEA THAT MY STORY IS ALL THAT GOOD/ professional!!!  If you are wondering what the heck that picture on the front of my notebook is I don’t really know what it is either!

Hey guys, I’m Derpus, here to start off your day. You may know me (but probably not know me) from The Silly Sanctuary, my own blog. To start, I have to say “Welcome to the 6th-grade blog takeover!” You can expect one blog post every day from all of Ms. Haseltine’s English classes in the entire month of May! So we’re starting today, on Henry’s birthday. So to start this off, I would like to tell you about what I like to do in my notebook.

In my notebook, my favorite thing to do is write stories. Mostly random stories about stuff like derps and YouTubers and stuff. My first story was a Minecraft story, but I got bored writing it before the Minecraft part even started. I didn’t like it because it was too organized and professional. That isn’t what notebooks are meant for! So the next story I wrote was basically a story where I wrote down whatever came to my mind.

I decided that I needed a short break from stories, so I did so I did some of the invitation to writes that my teacher, Ms. Haseltine, put up on the board every day. Henry was also doing the invitation to writes, and he did a story about how a non-living object, like a shoe, would react to a regular life of somebody like a 6th grader. I thought, “Wow, that looks fun. I should do one myself!”, so I made a story about an outdated phone that has a dumb owner.

Now for the most important perspective. (Just Kidding) It is Henry writing for the 7th and 8th paragraph. My perspective on notebooks is that they are straight up awesome. After a big boring day of school, you can go to a world full of ideas and thoughts that nobody has ever seen before. I like to go to a faraway planet and have insane adventures in my sci-fi universe or I get trapped in a world of idiots that somehow don’t have a brain. (They are also invincible) and you could have many more too!

The first thing I wrote was a story of me getting trapped in a world of video games. It was strange, what happened was the school bully pushed me under the bleachers, revealing a strange portal. I jumped in out of curiosity. I got sucked into the world of Portal, then The Escapists 2, then I gave up. Next, I tried to write random series but that usually failed. I stuck with a story from the perspective of a shoe but that also failed. Most other stuff failed until I started writing sci-fi stories. Now I am here. I would recommend thinking of an amazing adventure, and writing it down. Nobody will see it (If you want) so you can go on any adventure. Write it over a length of a week and you will have a blast in your candy wonderland or your private island. But remember, there is no downside to video games! (That is the outro on my blog)

Derpus is a fun likable character who enjoys video games but when it his notebook he is not afraid to share his stories and lots of people can see him being a comedian!

Corney is an amazing person. His blog name is THE AWESOME TURTLE KID, like you see in the intro, we both (Henry and Derpus) have known him since elementary school and he has been a good friend up until currently. It is an awesome experience to have him as a friend.

Henry is a super silly comedical kid and is a great friend to have. He always makes everybody laugh, even if they don’t have the best sense of humor. If you’re near him, you will smile and get out of your bad mood faster than light can travel to your eyes (unless he is also in a bad mood, which doesn’t happen very often because he’s awesome). He loves to floss (the dance, he hates to floss his teeth), also. He has definitely cured depression around the world with his hilarious blog posts on THE BLOG OF ALL BLOGS!

Please know that Sharing Our Notebooks welcomes all kinds of notebook keepers - of any age and interest - to open up their pages and share their process.  At the present time, I am accepting all notebook entries and am especially hoping to receive some entries from boys and men who keep any kind of notebooks.  If you are interested in writing in this space, please contact me, Amy, directly.  I welcome you!

Please share a comment below if you wish.


  1. Thank you so much for starting off our month of blog posts here today! Corney, I absolutely understand that feeling of not being sure you want to write and then really coming to enjoy a notebook. It's seems as if the more time you spend with the writing, the more easily the ideas come. Derpus, you're wise to realize when to move on and try something else. Notebooks are the best for that. I might try that idea about writing from a different point of view too. Henry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May your year ahead be full of new ideas and thoughts, just like your notebooks. The world needs great ideas and thoughts! Thank you all! What a great beginning! xx

  2. Wow! What a great start to my day -- Middle Schoolers keepin' it real! WOOT! WOOT! Corney -- I am a Kindergarten teacher and I am relatively new to keeping a writing notebook myself. I never thought it would actually generate ideas in my brain, but it does! How lucky are you to learn this so much earlier in your writing life? HOORAY! Hey, Derpus! I'm kinda messy, so my notebook's kinda messy, too. As long as it works for us, that's all that matters. I think ideas flow better for me when I can start, stop, and be all over the place. So glad you recognized this, too! And Henry -- It makes me happy that you've found your groove -- SciFi writing. It took me a while to figure out what keeps me going -- nature and poetry -- after trying lots of things. BRAVO, Mrs. Haseltine! Keep up the awesome work with these students. Can't wait to meet the rest of them! :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing! As a sixth grade teacher, I love how excited the three of you are about writing. Most of my students tolerate writing but some love it like you do. I plan to share this blog (and all of yours) with my class today.

  4. I hope that by reading your blog posts about notebooks this month, I will be more inspired to write in a notebook more often. I know I will be sharing your post with teachers who will want to share your work with their students. Great start boys!

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  6. Corney, Derpus, and Henry~ Nice job! Can't wait to read more from Ms. H's students. Thanks for making me smile today. ~Mrs. G in the Library

  7. I can't begin to tell you how awesome this is.
    Derpus, I love that you quit a story because it was too organized and professional. As a Creative Writing teacher, I used to give my students prompts (Invitations to Write) to write from if they needed them. I'm happy to know that other teachers do that too. In fact, I've been giving myself prompts to write from so I never have a blank notebook page.

    Corney. You discovered the same thing I did. The more you write in you notebook, the more you seem to have to write about. And I think 5 pages were awesome, so 7 is amazing!

    And Henry. My favorite part of my notebook is I don't have to share anything if I don't want to It's messy and crazy and full of random thoughts. But it's mine. And I can do anything I want to.

    Thanks for sharing guys.

  8. I am so proud of our writers! These three worked so hard on this post and always create interesting and creative pieces of writing! Hooray!!!

  9. Wow! I am so impressed by 6th graders taking over a blog! Corney, I loved how you have changed your feelings about writing as the year has progressed. I love your author bios too and look forward to reading more!

  10. I’m amazed that these writers have adopted notebook keeping so wholeheartedly! It’s hard work that really pays off! I love the humour that shines through on each of these pieces. I’m looking forward to more “blog takeover” posts!

  11. What an exciting take over! You three are such enthusiastic writers. I love how your notebook is a place where you can be yourself and explore your imagination. Keep writing!

  12. What fun to inaugurate the blog takeover. I liked hearing about what you like to write and seeing your notebooks (missed yours, Henry). I'm a retired sixth grade teacher. I like how you've all found ways to enjoy writing, from stories, to sci-fi, to responding to Ms. Haseltine's invitations to write. And I love the titles of your blogs. Keep writing!

  13. Great blog posts. I love to hear student viewpoints on writing notebooks. Corney, I am so glad that you now have ideas and like writing better than you did at the beginning of the year. Derpus, it's great to hear that you are trying different stories. Your enthusiasm for your writing notebook is so wonderful, Henry. Happy Birthday! Thanks, ALL, for sharing!

  14. Sorry to be so late to check in on this GRAND opening of the Writers Notebook Loving Crew from Ms Haseltine. I love that you have started lots of stories, have started loving writing and started notebooks. Corney, do not throw that story away. It will have a nugget of something great & you might want to find it again someday. Like Ms. Hazeltine, keep those notebooks! (I bet she's already told you all that.) Derpus, your 'phone' story might somehow connect to Minecraft, so keep going with that idea. It's lots of fun to experiment in notebooks like you're doing. Happy Birthday, Henry! I agree, the privacy of notebooks is very appealing. I like that 'portal under the bleachers' idea, a good school setting! Thanks to all of you for the beginnings of what is going to be an interesting month, right? (I'm a retired teacher in Denver who taught middle school students for a long time, and they, too, wrote in notebooks!) Happy Writing!

    1. Derpus wants to reply to your comment. He says: Hmm... that is a great idea to combine the Minecraft story and the Phone one into one larger story. I can’t wait to try it out! Thank you so much for the idea! Derpus out.

  15. Wow! It sounds like each of you found your own authentic voice as a writer! You have experienced the joy of writing and now, seen the power of your words! Keep writing!

  16. Dear Corney,
    One of the best things about notebooks is that you can get another if the first one (or second, or third one) gets filled up. It's great that your ideas are flowing!

    Dear Derpus,
    I often abandon stories, too. If it's not working, it's not working, right? I love the name of your own blogging space: The Silly Sanctuary

    Dear Henry,
    Wow -- your description of your notebook as a "world full of ideas" is really powerful. And your sense of humor comes through.

    Mr. Hodgson
    Sixth Grade teacher
    Southampton, Massachusetts


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