Try This! - Sketch & Write About Something Cool

From Rob Udy:

Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of ideas to write about once school starts.  If you're in the same boat, try this: Keep your writing notebook nearby during the summer.  When I have my notebook near, and something cool happens, I capture that small moment with a quick sketch and a mini-story.  That way, once school starts in September, I'll have a bunch of seed ideas to choose from to grow them into a fully bloomed personal narrative! You'll be surprised at how many small moments worth writing about happen in your life!

Here's mine:

Click to Enlarge this Notebook Page

Rob Udy is a 5th grade teacher and High School tennis coach in Western New York.  He can be found running, playing competitive tennis, and snowboarding the mountains of Vermont and Colorado.  Rob has a passion for writing and is always looking for ways to instill the same feeling in his young authors.  Check out his blog - Out of the Box.

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