Try This! - Watch and Draw Birds

From Jonathan and Everdina Clinch:

We like to sit on the front porch and watch the different birds that come to our bird feeders.  We took a shoebox and made it into a bird watching kit.  We put these things inside:  2 notebooks, colored pencils, two pairs of binoculars, and a small bag of bird seed.
Bird Watching Kit Box Top

Bird Watching Kit

When we go outside we open the bag of bird seed and put it on the edge of the porch.  (We found that the birds really like the black sunflower seeds the best!)  Then we sit down and get ready to watch the birds come.  J (Jonathan) uses the binoculars and he tells me what the bird looks like and what colors it is.  I (Evvie) draw the bird then I color the bird the right colors.  

Try going outside and watching the birds around where you live. You might want to invite them over with some seed so that you can draw them as they eat.  As you look and draw, pay close attention to the colors and shapes on each bird.  You might want to do this as a team, like we do, or you can do it on your own.  If you'd like, you can write about what you see.

Here are some of the birds we have seen:

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Jonathan and Evvie Clinch are both students at Arcade Elementary in Arcade, NY.  Jonathan is in third grade and Evvie is in first grade, and they are young scientists.

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  1. Very resourceful! What a great idea, and it's fun to read about the creative teamwork. I love that Jonathan and Evvie MAKE the time and space to observe nature.