Try This! - Have Fun Organizing Your Notebook

From Freda Su:

I like to keep notebooks for writing things about anything at all. My first notebook was like that, not very organized, and I couldn't find things very quickly. I learned my lesson and applied this to my second notebook, where there are stapled triangles at the beginning of every section. They stick out a bit from the edge, and this helps me flip to that portion of the book. I labeled them for Plot Line, Variations & Changes, Final Writing, and others. The way the triangle dividers are shaped also help become a small folder for putting loose paper and other stuff in it.

I find the post-its are very helpful if there is a possibility of lots of changes made, I used the sticky notes for mapping out the plot, because it is not yet fully decided, I can move things around according to my preferences. This is very useful because I have not yet finished the story.

Try organizing your own notebook with a variety of sticky notes and clips and tabs. You might make sections for different types of entries or you might mark entries you especially love. It's all up to you, but using a variety of materials can make a notebook feel like home...and it can help you find your way around too.


Freda Su writes at the WNY Young Writer's Studio.

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  1. I use sticky notes a lot, too, but I'm not nearly as organized with them as Freda Su. Great post and wonderful picture! Keep writing!