Try This! - Write from Little Treasures You Find

From Elizabeth Harrison:

I love finding little treasures: a tiny leaf, an unusual feather, old lace... And I've found that these treasures make good writing starters.

I started this page with some nature items collected, and then started thinking about why I picked them up. Where was I? Who was I with? What was I doing? Feeling? And then I just started writing down answers or words.

You can do this too.  Look for treasures.  Maybe outside...maybe inside. Look at those treasures and let them inspire your writing. You may draw if you like, and you may write inside your drawing.  Or not.  Feel free to explore your treasures on the page however you wish.

On my page of nature finds, I drew a leaf and then started writing on the veins - adjectives, nouns, phrases, and it was full in minutes!

Click to Enlarge this Notebook Page

Elizabeth teaches art at Delevan Elementary in Delevan, New York. She is rediscovering her love of journaling.

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