Try This! - Jot Words Around a Topic

From Kathleen Sokolowski:

I recently read Lois Ehlert’s book, THE SCRAP BOOK: NOTES FROM A COLORFUL LIFE.  Lois wrote about visiting the aquarium and while there, getting ideas for a book.  In her notebook, she wrote down all the words she could think of associated with fish.

The Scraps Book

Yesterday my family visited a local farm.  My four-year-old son took a snack break and we bought him an ice pop.  I took the picture of Alex and his ice pop and made it the background and then jotted down words that I associated with the ice pop.  I made this with Penultimate app (my first time using it), but I could have done it in a paper notebook just as easily...with a photograph or sketch and then jotting with a pencil or pen.

When you visit a special place, or even in your own backyard, try jotting down the words and feelings associated with the moment.

Here's mine:

Click to Enlarge this Notebook Entry

Kathleen Sokolowski currently teaches third grade in Farmingdale, a suburb on Long Island in NY.  She previously taught kindergarten for ten years.  A member of the Long Island Writing Project, Kathleen loves learning new ideas for helping students discover their voice through writing.  A wife and mom of two, she looks forward to more ice pop days this summer. 


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    1. Great idea for my Kinders and for my daughter who is playing with poetry.... What a great way to capture and preserve "essence" language for use later in poems.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! What a great activity to do with your students using