Try This! - Begin With the Day's Weather

By Greta:

I would like to suggest that you go out in the weather or like me, the rain, and write about it.  

One morning this spring, our class arrived at school in a rainstorm. Our teacher opened the windows and let us listen to the rain.  Some of us put our hands out too.  Then we wrote poems.  

In summer it's warm, and you can go out in the rain or sunshine to write. This is a good way to begin - look at and feel the day's weather to get you started writing.

I thought about walking to school with my umbrella and I wrote this poem:

Click to Enlarge this Poem

Greta is in third grade and goes to Wealthy Elementary school in East Grand, Rapids, MI.  Greta likes writing poems and is a member of her school Poetry Club.  She plays piano.  Her favorite song to play is, "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning."  Greta loves to read the STELLA BATTS book series.

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  1. Fun poem! I always wondered what the purpose of an umbrella was, as I am always soaked when I use one, too! Thanks for sharing this!


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