Try This! - Take Notes while Listening to Music

From Cornelius Minor:

I'm seasoned enough to remember when albums were shared experiences. When "Thriller" came out, my older cousin bought the record. There were no headphones, so we sat in a room together huddled on the floor for 42 glorious minutes and 19 breathtaking seconds. We ran that LP from front to back. 

In the seconds between each song, she curated the experience -- explaining what it meant when somebody was "your baby" or why it would be significant to note that "Billie Jean is not my lover."

Like any good student, I took track by track notes. I recorded my thoughts, feelings and wonderings. I still do so to this day. You should too.

Listen to some music, alone or with someone else.  As you listen, write about what you are thinking and feeling. Allow yourself to ask questions of and think about the song, you, and the world.

Here are some recent music notes that I took:

Notebook Screenshot

Cornelius Minor is a dad, a teacher, and he's the best Pokemon player on his block. 

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