Try This! - Write from a Quote

From Marcie Rush:

It happens every day. I hear a great word, phrase, piece of advice. Sometimes these words provide a chuckle or smile and sometimes the words are so good I know they must be written down.  I often get lost in a beautiful quote from a mentor, an author, a parent, a friend, or even from a song. But mostly, I love to listen and connect with people. 

Working with children provides multiple opportunities for this sort of thing. Just recently I heard a kindergarten student say something that made my heart sing and then I went into laughter. It sparked me to start drafting a piece of writing on my blog...and to think it all started with one little quote from a kindergarten student. But, she really got me thinking. 

You can do this too.  Think about quotes.  Listen.  Quotes are everywhere! Copy favorite quotes from chapter books, from articles, from quote websites, from the mouths of people you know, even from strangers.  Listen, and when you read or hear a quote that strikes you, write it down, and write about what it makes you think.

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Marcie Rush was a first and second grade teacher from 2001-2014, and this is her first year as K-5 Literacy Coach. She is a new blogger and "slicer" "with the Slice of Life writing community on Twitter, and just started a blog.  Marcie believes that in order to be a teacher of reading and writing, she needs to see herself as a reader and writer, sharing in the struggles and celebrations alongside students. She misses the classroom but is happy to be in this place in time.  You can follow Marcie's blog at

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