Try This! - Draw a Picture, Write Around It, Write a Poem

From Tyler:

I've been writing poetry for the last couple of weeks.  So I drew this picture of a stick to look at it in a fresh new way.  And I used that fresh new way to write a poem.  

You can do this too.  Draw a picture of something from nature and write around your picture about all of the things the object reminds you of. Then...write a poem!  If you want to do this just open your notebook and let your imagination fly, that's how I did it!

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The Stick

I found a stick
It was hard
like a table
It's was long, it looked
like a snake
It had a point
like a knife
When I picked
it up
looked like
an elephant tusk.

by Tyler

Tyler lives in Baltimore, Maryland.  He lives with his grandparents. Tyler loves to read books.  He is in the seciond grade at Hampden Elementary/Middle School.  He likes to ride his bike and go skateboarding in the summer.

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