Try This! - Turn a Song into a Found Poem

From Carol Varsalona:

Since I am fascinated with Cloud storage lately and time is a factor when blogging, I have turned to a digital journal. I remind myself that it is fine to move from the printed page to the digital space to capture my thoughts. The process is messy and often leads me to throw out my scraps of paper after my thoughts are saved in the cloud. 

What you will see below is an example of how I took the lyrics to a song about positivity - "A Beautiful Day" by India Arie - crossed out certain words, and then reshaped the lyrics into a poem. You can see more about this at my blog - Beyond LiteracyLink.

Going paperless may be a way to save the earth but it is also a way for me to organize my writing portfolio.

Whether you use a digital notebook or a paper notebook, you can do this too.  Find and print the lyrics to a song you like.  Then, play around with the words: take some out, move others around. You will have a new creation, a type of found poem, right from a song. 

Here's mine:

Original Song by India Arie
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Found Poem from Song
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Carol Varsalona, ELA consultant from Long Island, is an ardent proponent of lifelong learning, reading, writing, and vigorous student-centered classrooms. As co-moderator of #NYEDChat and creator of REFLECT WITH ME online global digital galleries of artistic expressions, she celebrates digital literacy, poetry, life and learning at

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  1. For me, found poems are a fun exercise. The words are all there, hiding, waiting for a new lens of creativity.


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