Try This! - Make an Index Card Journal

From Karen Finch - 

As my second son prepares to graduate from high school, I've wistfully dawdled back in time sifting through old photos, school papers and projects. And these, my little gems. Easy peasy simple index cards. Flipping through these little treasures reminds me what our days were like, how time lingered. No intrusive, all-too-handy devices ensnared us. And nothing intimidating about index cards here. No fancy hardbound journals. No special pens. Just images, phrases, moods, reflections. Captured. Sometimes mid-day, usually evening. Last-minute tired, but in a good, good way tired.

Oh big, happy, bittersweet sigh...

To make an index card journal, just punch holes in your card (in the corner or down the side) and bind them with metal rings (found at office supply stores, Target...)  Then, write anything that you deem worthy of note. Here are a few ideas:
  • A "One New Thing" a day log
  • A "Did You Know?" trivia collection
  • An "I ask, You Tell" reporter journal
  • An "All Ears" overheard snippets of conversation log. 
  • Etc, etc, etc. 
Index cards are portable and disposable. No fears!

Here's mine:

Click to Enlarge this Notebook Page

Click to Enlarge this Notebook Page

Click to Enlarge this Notebook Page

Karen Finch is a job juggler as an Orton Gillingham reading tutor, local public library aide, and occasional substitute special education parapro. She scribbles and sketches in notebooks but has no website or blog. Karen plans to purchase cheap dollar store journals (or ring- bound index cards!) for her students this summer. Follow Karen on Twitter here - @nestofbooks.

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  1. What treasures! The deeper in time these memories the go, the richer they become.

    (Yes...richer is a word. Now, it is, for this moment anyway.)