Try This! - Take a Walk About

A few years ago, my son and I were walking about in our yard with our notebooks. It was a glorious fall day, and we began to notice all the life that was surrounding us. We jotted down some of the things we were seeing and hearing. 

Sometimes all we have to do is walk about and ideas for writing will find us. Try taking a walk about your home or your backyard. Explore your world, and write what you notice. You never know what will turn up to write about!

Here is a peek at my notebook entry from that fall day:

Notebook entry.jpg

Kiesha Shepard. is a Literacy Specialist at Spring Creek Elementary School in College Station, Texas. She has a giant love for writing and the teaching of writing. You can find invitations to write and some of my poems on her blog - Whispers From the Ridge at

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