Try This! - Write about What You DON'T Love

From Shawna Coppola:

So often we are asked, especially in school, to write about what we “love”-- a favorite place, a beloved pet, etc. I find that thinking about things I don’t love--or, better yet, things I wished I loved, but don’t--provides just as much, if not more, fodder for writing. 

I began this page in my notebook as a way to practice my doodling (another great way to compose in your notebook!). I soon discovered, though, that I actually had a lot to say about some of the things I wish I loved but don’t….  Try it!

Here's mine:

Click to Enlarge this Notebook Page

Shawna Coppola is a K-6 literacy specialist in a sweet little school in rural NH. She can be found ruminating on things she loves (or wishes she did) on Twitter at @ShawnaCoppola or on her blog,

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