Try This! - Write to Entertain a Younger Child

From Judy Bradbury:

You can use your imagination to entertain a child who is younger than you are!

I have a sister who is four years younger than I am. When I was in junior high school (which would now be called middle school) and she was in fourth grade or so, she was given twin dolls that she instantly adored. We named them Rosy and Pozsy and I wrote of their adventures in a series of books that I then read to my sister. 

At night in the bedroom we shared, my sister and I would continue the stories of Rosy (who was sweet and shy and kind, and also a bit timid) and Pozsy (who was a naughty rascal, but also fun-loving and adventurous, and ultimately big-hearted). As we imagined adventures, we giggled and tittered, and laughed louder and louder until our dad rapped on our bedroom door and demanded, “Go to SLEEP!” The next day I would write down our stories, and we’d be ready for the next chapter in Rosy and Pozsy’s Adventures. 

If you have someone (sibling, cousin, neighbor, friend’s sibling, or child you babysit) you’d like to entertain (along with yourself), you might want to consider using your notebook to bring a doll, stuffed animal, or even a pet to life within a fun-filled, giggle-producing story.

Here’s the cover of one of the books I wrote.

Click to Enlarge this Cover

Judy Bradbury is an author, teacher, and professional development consultant who loves to read and create stories, and still has most of the dolls she owned as a child. She has written eleven books, seven of which are resources for educators about literacy. Her most recent book is EMPOWERING FAMILIES: PRACTICAL WAYS TO INVOLVE PARENTS IN BOOSTING LITERACY, GRADES PRE-K-5, co-written by Susan E. Busch (Routledge, 2015).   You can find Judy online at

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