Monday, May 7, 2018

Notebook Tips!!!


Use Different Colors
I like using different colors because it makes my pages more colorful and It’s a lot more interesting to look through and see all the colors!

Make an Idea page with all your Ideas!
I like making Idea pages because then I never forget my Ideas and I always have something to write about

Write non-stop for five minutes and see what you come up with
I do this when I have nothing else to write and I like to see what I come up with cause It’s different every time.

I love to annotate. It keeps me busy for at least 10 minutes. I feel like annotating makes me a better writer because I can see my mistakes and I can Improve on them.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes
Believe it or not, making mistakes is good as long as you learn from them. Everyone is human we all make mistakes. There is no reason to be ashamed of your mistakes.

Nothing to write? Write down your favorite quotes
I love writing quotes because when I’m having a bad day I just look at my notebook pages filled with quotes and I instantly feel better! When I write quotes I always feel Inspired to do amazing things.

Use your imagination (think of SpongeBob)
Imagination is the key to great writing! Using your Imagination can unlock parts of your brain that you never knew were there.

Hi I’m Peyton and I am part of Ms.Haseltine’s 6th grade class. I love to play sports at the moment I do Karate and I am a Blue- Stripe. I love my family and friends and I have two boxer puppies. If you like what I have written today then check out my blog
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Please know that Sharing Our Notebooks welcomes  notebook keepers of any age and interest  to open up their pages and share their process. If you are interested in writing in this space, please contact me, Amy, directly.  I welcome you!

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  1. I love these tips! Brilliant!! Each one is a good reminder to me and to everyone who keeps a notebook. Peyton, this is such a wonderful entry. Thank you!!!

  2. Peyton - I save the first couple of pages of every new notebook for quotes that I love. As I work my way through the notebook, I add quotes to the front of my book, and each time I open it....inspiration! That freewrite tip is so smart too - the surprise of writing is my favorite part. I'd love to hear more about how you annotate and why this is your favorite thing. Thank you so much for posting here! xxxx

  3. "Use different colors." "Write down your favorite quotes." I can tell you are Ms. Haseltine's student. :)) Did she teach you these? (I am a firm believer in these things too! These are all excellent suggestions, Peyton. Thank you!

    Mrs. Laffin

  4. Hi Peyton,
    I love the suggestion to have an idea page in your notebook. That way, on days when you don't have an idea of what to write about or you feel like you have a little writer's block you can go to that page and use an idea to get your brain flowing. I think I am going to start doing this. I also like annotating my work, sometimes when I write things for school I go back and read what I wrote and fix things that I need to.I also love doing it with my friend's writing, sometimes we switch papers to help each other! :)


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