Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ten Words

Being a writer, it’s kind of impossible to not have a notebook. So, spending a lot of time in mine has definitely become a hobby. I had this thought one day, that maybe for inspiration, or just to practice hand lettering with my new brush pens, was to write ten words. Ten words that meant something to me, ten words I knew I could make some sort of moving sentence to describe them. This might be a poem, this might be a list, I don’t really know what this actually is. Yet, I do know that this is one of my favorite notebook entries, and truly something I enjoyed making. This is 10 Words.


Blogger Bio

Hey! I’m Annie, a sixth grade writer in Ms. Haseltine’s English Class. Before this year, I wasn’t so sure how I felt about writing, but now I can’t remember my life without it. Writing has made me see things in a completely different perspective, and helping me unclog all those creative juices that are currently spewing out of my brain. I love art, music, and of course writing. Learning and exploring have definitely made me improve as a writer, and as a student. I’m currently writing my own blog, Shorties, where I get to share my stories, poetry, and all the struggles that come with them.

Please know that Sharing Our Notebooks welcomes all kinds of notebook keepers - of any age and interest - to open up their pages and share their process. If you are interested in writing in this space, please contact me, Amy, directly.  I welcome you!

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  1. What a great idea for a notebook entry. While I sometimes collect words I love I have never balanced hat with short commentary. Keep writing!

  2. Oh, I love this! You do beautiful hand lettering, something I have wanted to learn to do. What you have done with these words is inspiring, and you are wise, too, to realize that you can do more with them when you wish. Here is something I often share with teachers. I read this aloud, and we then write in the quiet afterward, seeing what arises. Another lovely list of ten words for you... Thank you for sharing here - I am so grateful to you and your colleagues. xxxx

    Ten Beautiful Words

    Wilfred J. Funk, poet, lexicographer and president of Funk & Wagnalls, once listed what he considered the ten most beautiful words in the English language – “beautiful in meaning and in the musical arrangement of their letters.”

    His list, compiled after a “thorough sifting of thousands of words,” is –
    dawn, hush, lullaby, murmuring, tranquil, mist, luminous, chimes, golden, and melody.

  3. WOW! When I first saw your slides, I thought they were professional pictures. I am so impressed!

    The notebook is a wonderful place to play -- just like you did here. I can tell the influence Ms. Haseltine has had on you. Isn't she wonderful??!

    Keep notebooking and writing! I see great things ahead for you.

    Mrs. Laffin

  4. Hi Annie,
    I like your word choices. It made me think of how some words are more important at different times in my life. Right now, it seems to be patience as I watch my grandson learning to use a spoon and not spill the milk from his cereal.

    I read a post from the author Kate DiCamillo yesterday. She speaks about a writer always having a notebook in hand. It seems like you and your classmates already know that bit of information.

    Happy writing!

  5. Annie - Would you please tell us what kind of pens these are? We love this! xx

  6. These are marvelous, Annie, would make a little book of wise sayings, or something to print out and hang on the wall to remind about the important things in life. Thank you for your wise notebook entry! (Love those pens, too)

  7. Hope VanDerwaterMay 6, 2018 at 9:33 AM

    Hi Annie, I love love these words. The pens you use make it look like you wrote the words in beautiful watercolors.

    You are so right that we need a lot more love in the world and the good thing is, it starts with us! I am in college and you are in sixth grade but if we both show a little more love to our classmates and our teachers the effect will be the same. The world will be a better place in which to live and learn AND hopefully we will inspire others to show more love to each other.

    It seems like writing in your notebook has started to become a habit for you, that is so awesome because I find writing to be so lovely and helpful on so many fronts. I may need to follow your lead and start writing some more. Also I am dying to know what kind of pens you used to make these beautiful words! Happy writing!

  8. Annie,
    Love the combination of your pens (art) and your words (written art). I hope you continue to write a lot in your notebooks. These 10 words are all so creative but yet with such special messages!

  9. Your lettering is beautiful. I will share this with my students. I think they will love it, too.

  10. I adored reading your writing, Annie. Each main word inspired such beautiful writing. Your word choice was excellent. (Often we hear about "economy of words." You certainly economized your words when doing each page. And that's pretty amazing!)

    BTW: What kind of pens did you use on your notebook pages?

    --Ms. Shubitz

  11. Hi Annie! Love how the brush pen writing looks. Very calligraphic and professional! :-) The fun thing about a writer's notebook that you've discovered (and I've only recently discovered) is that just about anything can go into it. Sometimes something else might come out as a result, but maybe not, and that's OK. Your ten words and thoughts are wonderful. I know many adults who would benefit from your pondering thoughts and outlook on life. Keep up the amazing work with your notebook!

  12. These pages bring me such joy! I love the idea behind their creation and I love the way you made them. I'm not sure what kind of pens these are is that possible?!?! Thank you for such beautiful notebook pages, Annie!

  13. From Annie: "Hi! It’s Annie, from the 10 words post. Turns out my pens have been getting some attention. They are truly wonderful pens, the softness of the tip, and the faded look of the ink. They’re perfect for hand lettering and to just be creative. These pens are the …
    Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Galaxy Palette I love the color assortment of these pens, they’re so vibrant and they pop on the paper. I’ve improved so much in my hand lettering skills with them. Plus, all my friends have fallen in love with them too. You’ve got to try these pens!"


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