Try This! - Look at One Object in Many Different Ways

By Teagan:

Try taking an object and trying to look at it in many different ways. You can take an object from any room in your house, your backyard, or out in nature.  

My teacher read us a poem called, "13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" by Wallace Stevens, and that got me started. I looked at "stars" and came up with 5 different ways to see them. 

You could pick any number of ways to look at something.  I think it's fun to to use Roman Numerals instead of just numbers.  

Many Ways to Look at Stars

Teagan is in third grade in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She really likes poetry and is a member of Wealthy Elementary School's Poetry Club. She loves visiting The Poem Farm for ideas and to read poetry.  This summer she plans to write in a summer journal and take it on trips.

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  1. Teagan, your poetry is inspiring. Thank you for opening my eyes to seeing stars in a different light!

  2. Isn't it fun to take out those extra words? I love doing that and seeing how it sounds - crisper, cleaner...lovely work! Thanks for sharing!


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