This fabulous list of notebooking ideas grew from a request by teacher and writer Kimberley Moran in May 2015.  It started as a place to gather ideas for summer notebooking, but these are not only summer ideas.  They are notebooking ideas for all year long!

If you're ever not sure how to get started writing in your notebook, simply visit one of the below links and try out one of the getting-going ideas. Some will resonate with you more than others, and this is as it should be. But we can learn from each other, and such learning only happens through sharing and trying.

All are invited to contribute to the list, and if you are willing to share an idea, just click here.  

Please feel free to share this site with any friends you have - adult or student - as the more contribute, the richer our list will be.  This is a co-op of writers notebook ideas, and we're all members.

Above you will find two bookmark documents.  Simply print back to back, and you'll find your way back here easily.

Just click any entry and...happy notebooking! May you discover more of who you are as you move your pen (or pencil or crayon) across the page...

Amy LV

Try These!

1. Write About a Book - by Kimberley Moran 

2. Write in a Public Place - by Stacey Shubitz

3.  Inspire Yourself with Walks and Books - by Finn

4. Write About What You DON'T Love - by Shawna Coppola

5. Sketch & Write About Something Cool - by Rob Udy

6. Write from a Bird Cam - by Catherine Flynn

7. Get Wild! - by Janet Wong

8.  Write About People You Love to be With - by Eoghan

9. Jot Words Around a Topic - by Kathleen Sokolowski

10. Sketch Postcards from the Trip - by Linda Baie

11. Make an Index Card Journal - by Karen Finch

12. Write Down Your Dreams - by Blythe Woolston

13. Keep and Revisit a Travel Journal - by Sylvia Vardell

14.  Begin With the Day's Weather - by Greta

15. Turn a Boring Story into a Groovy Poem - by Aiyana

16. Write When You're Stuck - by Stephanie Burgis

17. Pick a Page and Find a Poem or Zentangle - by Margaret Simon

18. Keep a Variety of Notebooks - by April Wright

19. Have Fun Organizing Your Notebook - by Freda Su

20. Collect Snips of Dialogue - by Melanie Izard

21. Make Your Own Notebook - by Karen Edmisten

22. Write from a License Plate - by Greg Armamentos

23.  Write as Something or Someone Else - by Hayden

24. Take a Walk About - by Kiesha Shepard

25.  Watch and Draw Birds - by Jonathan and Everdina Clinch

26.  Write from One Little Word - by Tyler and Margaret Simon

27.  Notice and Wonder - by Unknown (please let me know)

28.  Compare Two Ways to Do Something - by Julia

29.  Write from a Big Emotional Life Change - by Mark Kehl

30.  Write from a Quote - by Marcie Rush

31.  Write from Little Treasures You Find - by Elizabeth Harrison

32.  Doodle Your Listening - by Heidi Mordhorst

33.  Draw a Picture, Write Around It, Write a Poem - by Tyler

34.  Start with an Artifact - by Gretchen Bernabei

35.  Be a Lazy Explorer - by Laura Purdie Salas

36.  Turn a Song into a Found Poem - by Carol Varsalona

37.  Say a Lot with a Few Words - by Charles Waters

38.  ARTSPEAK! - Listen to Art - by Irene Latham

39.  Walk, Stop, Imagine, and Scribble - by Jeannine Atkins

40.  Answer these Three Questions - by Ann Wilson

41.  Write to Entertain a Younger Child - by Judy Bradbury

42.  Look for a Springboard - by Linda Martin Andersen

43.  Start with a Circle - by Donna Farrell

44.  Read a Book and Create Fan Art - by Salina Yoon

45.  Be a Word Thief - by Linda Mitchell

46.  Take Notes while Listening to Music - by Cornelius Minor

47.  Document Beauty in Your World - by Nancy Schwartz

48.  Tell the Story Behind the Picture - by Rose Cappelli

49.  Read Haiku / Practice Haiku - by Keri Collins Lewis

50.  Keep a Poetry Journal - by Kate Coombs

51.  Ask "What If?" - by Margo Sorenson

52.  Write About How Much You Are Not Writing - by Christopher Lehman

53.  Keep Track of Ideas as You Read - by Kathy Moore

54.  Write About a Subject You're Interested In - by Mo

55.  Brainstorm from Books, Movies, and TV Shows - by Kate Karyus Quinn

56.  Outline, Re-Outline, Re-Outline Again - by Jennifer Serravallo

57.  Write About Yourself as a Writer - by JoEllen McCarthy

58.  Collect Around Your Passion - by Katie Wood Ray

59.  Look at One Object in Many Different Ways - by Teagan

60.  Tear and Glue Tissue Paper - by Toni Yuly 

61.  Write from Something Old - by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

62.  Write it Now (Before You Forget!) - by Karen Terlacky

63.  Reread and Revisit Your Notebook - by Mary Lee Hahn

64.  Write Two Poems About Alike/Different Things - by Alyssa

65.  Get Writing Ideas at Wonderopolis - by Henry

66.  Collect Quotes and Pictures - by Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

67.  Watch People to Draw Characters - by Kelli Thrasher-Brooks

68.  Mix History with Fiction - by Arianna H.

69.  Pretend You're an Alien - by Dee Romito

70.  Start with a Noun and a Verb - by Robert Paul Weston

71.  Mash Up Lyrics and Art - by Karen Windness


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