Try This! - Write Two Poems About Alike/Different Things

By Alyssa:

You can write two poems about alike-but-different things.

What I mean by that is, you can write two poems about two different things that are alike and different at the same time.  You can describe how they are alike and how they are different.

You could try this with anything!  

I compared a new thing and an old thing.  Both are dolls, but they have differences.  You can see how each line of the poem has a matching line in the other poem.

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Alyssa is a third grader at Wealthy Elementary School in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She is a member of the Waves Swim Team, and her favorite stroke is breaststroke.  She has two older brothers and a younger sister.  Her favorite author is Beverly Cleary. Alyssa is a member of her school Poetry Club, and her favorite poetry book is FIREFLY JULY, edited by Paul Janeczko.

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  1. Loved your comparison. I thought "NEW shoes" versus "NO shoes" was particularly effective!


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