Try This! - Write About People You Love to Be With

By Eoghan:

You can write about people that you love to be with in your life. Imagine something you like to do with your brothers and sisters or with your mom or dad or with a grandparent or friend or with someone in your class.

Now, close your eyes and think about this person you like to be with.  

  • What do you do together?  
  • What does that person love in the world?  
  • What does this person make you think about?

The answers to these questions will give you many writing ideas.

I love playing with my younger sister.  We jump rope, dress up, and hula hoop. My sister loves candy and that's what made me think of this poem:

My sister is sweet
as sweet as a
sweet treat.
She's got a 
             sweet tooth.

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Eoghan and His Sister

Eoghan is in third grade in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He loves acting and had three parts in the school musical, THE LITTLE MERMAID. He was a chef, sailor, and one of Ursula's tentacles. Eoghan also loves candy.

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