Try This! - Write About a Subject You're Interested In

By Mo:

People should write about what they are interested in and what they like to learn about.  What subjects do you like learning about in school? What kinds of nonfiction and stories do you read?  These would be great ideas for you to write about.

I love learning about Greek Mythology and other myths.  I got the idea for this poem from parts of myths I've read.  You can see how I wrote the poem in my notebook, first without line breaks.  I added the line breaks later and typed the poem up.

Think about what subjects interest you.  Then write.

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Poems Hide in Greece

While Greeks fight in the Trojan war 
Poems hide in the big wooden horse and
In Hephaestus’s bubbling volcano
Poems squeeze in a pot of metal making tools,
Dodging Hephaestus’s big strong hands, snatching at tools.
Poems hide on the roofs of the villagers of Greece.
Poems hide in the rain clouds sent from Zeus
 To rain down on the Earth.    

by Mo

Mo is in third grade and he likes myths.  He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He likes to play pretend.  Mo likes to read THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS. He also likes to play football , basketball, and baseball.

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  1. Well, now you've made me need to do some research. I've never heard of Hephaestus...or not that I remember anyway, though I did read a lot of Greek mythology in ninth grade. Poems do hide everywhere! Great poem!

  2. Thank you Donna. Do you have a poem on Poem Farm?


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