Try This! - Compare Two Ways to Do Something

Sometimes reading books and poems gives me ideas for my own writing.  
I read a poem by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater about two ways to build a puzzle.  One person does it one way and another person has a different way to do it.  This poem, "Two Puzzling" is in an Anthology called, INCREDIBLE INVENTIONS, edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins.

I decided to try writing about two ways people eat Oreo cookies.  I think you could write about anything and the ways different people do things such as the way people build things. You could write about two people building an ice cream sundae or doing anything else in the world.  Just show the two different people and their two different ways to do the same thing.
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Julia is in third grade in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She likes to play lacrosse and to play outside.  She loves cooking muffins and cookies with her dad.  Julia is a member of her school Poetry Club. and likes reading JUDY MOODY books.

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  1. What fun to compare two ways of doing things...Oreo's are a great subject...and fun to experiment with. Poets often should do research on their topic, you know! Have an Oreo!


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