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By Henry:

I think Wonderopolis is a great place to get writing ideas.  I wouldn't have thought about writing about the toilet otherwise.  

Wonderopolis is a website that asks and answers a different interesting question each day.  There are things to try and connections to make, and you can always visit the old wonders.

You can use true facts then to write a story or a poem.  I read Wonder #1445, "Who Invented the Toilet?" and then I wrote a poem telling about the people who invented the toilet.  

If you are stuck on an idea, go to Wonderopolis.  

Here's my notebook page and poem:

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The Toilet

Who invented the toilet?
Sir John Harrington
the toilet
for his mother,
Queen Elizabeth.
Although he did not
the flush toilet,
Thomas Crapper did.

by Henry

Henry is in third grade at Wealthy School in East Grand Rapids, Michigan. He loves hockey and baseball.  He has a dog named Louis and two cats, Betty and Phil.  He likes to make model airplanes in the summer.

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  1. Well, you can learn the "funnest" things when you read poetry... or research for poetry! Thank you for adding a smile to my day!


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