Try This! - Write as Something or Someone Else

By Hayden:

Try writing a Mask poem.  It is where you write as the thing.  For example, I pretended to be Alaska and wrote a poem telling about myself.  

I learned how to do this from Amy Ludwig VanDerwater when she came to our school.  You could try writing as a place like I did, or you could write from the perspective from a goalie or a soccer player, or the puck or the ball.  Pick any topic, and pretend you are the thing.  Then...write.

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Hayden is in 3rd grade at Wealthy School in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He likes to play soccer and sometimes plays baseball.  He likes drawing and is best at drawing sports players.  He likes XBox and he is good at fixing electronics.  He is going to a six week camp this summer and is looking forward the sports there and Chess.

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  1. What an interesting perspective to select. do you think it feels being so large and separated from all the other states? It sounds proud of its mountains!


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