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  1. Gloria Del BiancoJuly 2, 2012 at 2:02 PM

    Hi Amy,

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the poem you write about my father and me back in November. My nephew Louis Del Bianco sent it to me yesterday. It moved me and I will treasure it! Your words were wonderful and so clever. We posted it on Face Book for friends and family to see.

    Warm regards,

    Gloria Del Bianco

  2. Fabulous site. I have a question about Quatrains.
    Is it okay to repeat the beginning line from Stanza 1
    as first line for Stanza 3?

    Thank you. Your site is quite inspiring, now I want to write a poem :)

    1. Yes! A quatrain has four lines of any meter, rhyme, or type. See here - Happy New Year!

    2. Happy New Year to you, Amy.
      And again, thank you.

  3. Hello. I enjoyed reading the poems in this site. I want to write a lyric poem, but I am wondering whether I can use a syllable count of rather than the usual and abab per stanza.

    Is this acceptable, or should it be only?

    Thank you

  4. Allow yourself the flexibility - see here!


  5. Hi Amy I really enjoyed reading your notebook story. Although i am not a writer (cartoonist, collagist, painter, animator.) I love notebooks and am always changing which notebooks I use, now I am back to moleskine sketchbook. Thank you for sharing your notebook story.

  6. Dear Amy: I took a browse at your blog and website. Very nice touch and feel you've put together. You have a flair for writes that make sense. Loved this brief visit here. Will come by from time to time.

    I live in Singapore, far far away from New York. I write a fair bit mostly for my own sake. I write and post often on the site "PoetrySoup dot com", I've just written a poem based on the first letter of your name. Just wanted to share this with you. Enjoy!

    Thought For The Day
    By Leon Enriquez
    Align fond cheer with peace of mind,
    May love live here with happy finds,
    Yes joy sparks clear as wonder signs.
    Live with true ease each precious thought,
    Urge cannot cease to play with plot,
    Discern sure peace in your sweet spot.
    Work poignant writes with curious wings,
    Ink stains you cite in spacious flings,
    Glimpse in each bite such sensuous things.
    Voice if you must that inner feel,
    Allow deep trust to caress will,
    Note how words thrust in fond reveal.
    Dance in that space where time stands still,
    Expand each trace where wonder thrills,
    Rouse happy face to forge goodwill.
    Words sojourn well as heart feels zest,
    Ask to just dwell on carefree quests,
    Trace your own spell to live what's best.
    Explore and see the world around,
    Reach for beauty in sight and sounds.

    All the best then.

  7. I am your biggest fan Amy I can't wait for you to come to my school tomorrow! I'm in Mrs. Cocilova's class! We have been waiting! From : Julia Stuart


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