Saturday, May 5, 2018

Pens, Pens, Pens

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Pens are very important to us. We need to find just the right pen to make our notebook pages look good. Which pens are your favorite?

Pens Poem

The colors are all so fun.
It could be the color of the sun.

I’ll always choose pens over pencils.
When I mess up I go mental.

Any color is perfectly fine.
Some of them might be able to shine.

Anywhere at any time.
All the pens shall be mine.

I love to write.
I’ll write all day and night.

Never take my pens away from me.
Because they’re not free.

You guys should definitely make poems in your notebook, it was so much fun to make this poem with each other and you should try it out too!I hope you liked the poem.  -Georgia and Gabi

Hello, my name is Georgia, and I’m Gabi. Georgia likes to play soccer and hang out with friends and Gabi likes to do dance and also hang out with friends. Georgia has 2 brothers and a sister and 1 cat! Gabi has 1 sister and 3 cats!

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  1. "Anywhere at anytime./All the pens shall be mine." I am not so much of a tattoo gal, but this would be a pretty good one, don't you think? ;) Lately I am enjoying my TUL retractable gel pens, but I am a solid Sharpie lover too. Georgia and Gabi - I could not agree more about poems in a notebook. Poems are so freeing and often so surprising. Thank you for posting in this space today - are those pens all in your classroom??? Does Ms. Haseltine share her pens with you? xx

    1. Ms. Haseltine provides fun pens for students and has her own stash that she does not share! Students know the difference. Haha!

  2. This poem, these pens, these writers...I am so proud and impressed! YES! I can attest to the fact that Gabi & Georgia and many others in my classes are pen obsessed...just like me.

  3. It’s important to have a variety of pens! I love my Sharpie pen for my bullet journal, my pilot g2 pen for writing stories and poems, and my PITT artist pens for drawing. I also have a basket full of sharpie and crayola markers, a set of brush pens, and a variety of metallic markers. And I use them all!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this peek into your notebooks! And you have totally captured my feelings about different kinds of writing utensils and also about writing poetry in notebooks. Black rollerball are my favorite for writing (but don't take them on airplanes because they often explode!) I also love, love, love Flairs when I trying to do stuff in color. And I get really sad if I lose a color or loan it out! Thanks again for sharing your notebooks.

  5. InkJoy... such a great name for pens! They are fun to write with, too- smooth and bright.

  6. Hope VanDerwaterMay 5, 2018 at 9:13 AM

    Gabi and Georgia!

    I love this post so much because it reminds me of shopping for school supplies at the beginning of every school year. That the best part of returning to school every fall. I love looking for fresh paper and folders and pencils with new erasers! Colored pens are my favorite part too but I am left-handed so it all gets a bit smudgy if I don't use special pens for writing. Right now my favorites are the Staedtler pens, there are soooo many rainbow colors!

    Do you two have a favorite kind of pen? Do you like the fat tipped, marker-like ones? Or the skinnier ones that are better for writing a lot? :)

  7. I have blogged about my pen snobbery and the fact that I only will buy what I consider good pens (Ink Joy) for my students. I like Ink Joy and Frixion pens best (purple, of course). Thanks fro sharing your love of pens poem!

  8. Gabi and Georgia,
    Pens are the critical element in writing. It's easier to keep writing when the pens fulfills all your expectations.

    I really like these parts of your poem:
    "The colors are all so fun.
    It could be the color of the sun.

    I’ll always choose pens over pencils.
    When I mess up I go mental."

    They talk about the possibilities that exist. Colors,words, poems not yet written. Have you written other poems together? How do you "agree" when you write together? Maybe you have "words of wisdom" for other writing partners!

  9. Georgia: What a great poem you wrote! You must be a student after Mrs. Haseltine's heart since I know she, too, loves pens! - Ms. Shubitz

  10. Hi Georgia and Gabi. Your post was a lot of fun to read. The photo of the pens had me very excited before I had even read a single word. PEN ADDICT HERE! I'm the crazy lady in the pen aisle at Target or Staples trying everything out. One of these days I'm going to get in trouble! LOL! You are so lucky to have a wonderful teacher in Mrs. Haseltine who encourages your creativity in class and gives you the time and space to explore notebook writing. Have fun!


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